Introduction to the characteristics of biochemical analysis type ultrapure water machine

The design of biochemical analysis type ultrapure water machine has certain characteristics:

  • Biochemical analyzers are widely used in the laboratory of hospitals, and the working hours of medical departments have certain special characteristics, requiring convenient and quick replacement of consumables for biochemical analyzers, and timely after-sales service in place. These requirements make it easier for users to maintain and replace consumables for the biochemical analysis type ultrapure water machine.
  • The equipped water tanks are all large, with a volume of 120-500 liters.
  • The equipped reverse osmosis membrane and purification package are all larger than ordinary ultrapure water.
  • Because of the fast replacement of consumables due to the large amount of water produced, the biochemical analysis type ultrapure water machine usually considers the design of saving consumables.
  • Biochemical analysis type ultrapure water machines are usually floor-standing, increasing the space inside the machine to fill more consumables and reducing the frequency of consumable replacement.
  • The storage bucket adopts a closed non-pressure bucket, and the automatic biochemical analyzer can directly suck water into the machine.
EDI module CP-3600S unit

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