How to prevent fouling of reverse osmosis membrane

  1. Do a good job in the pretreatment of raw water, pay special attention to the qualification of the pollution index, and also sterilize to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the device.
  2. In the operation of reverse osmosis equipment, it is necessary to maintain a suitable operating pressure. Generally, increasing the pressure will increase the water production, but if it is too large, it will compact the membrane.
  3. During the operation of reverse osmosis equipment, the turbulent state on the brine side should be maintained to reduce the concentration polarization of the membrane surface solution and avoid the precipitation of some insoluble salts on the membrane surface.
  4. When the reverse osmosis equipment is out of operation, dosing should be carried out in the short term, and formaldehyde protection should be added in the long term.
  5. When the water production of the reverse osmosis equipment is significantly reduced, indicating membrane fouling or pollution, chemical cleaning should be performed.

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