How to calculate reverse osmosis desalination rate

Permeability = the amount of water permeated per unit time, L/H÷unit membrane area, M2

Desalination rate = (salt content of reverse osmosis treatment influent water, MG/L-salt content of reverse osmosis treatment effluent, MG/L) ÷ ÷ salt content of reverse osmosis treatment influent water, MG/L

Water recovery rate=permeate effluent water volume, L÷influent water volume, L

  • Low pressure boiler is less than 2.45MPA (less than 25KGF/CM2)
  • Medium pressure boiler 3.82-5.78 (39-59)
  • High pressure boiler 5.88-12.65 (60-129)

Boiler blowdown rate = (salt content in boiler feed water, sodium content or silicon content, MG/L-salt content in boiler steam) ÷ (salt content in blowdown water, MG/L-boiler feed water Salt content)

For softened water

Boiler blowdown rate = salt content in boiler feed water, sodium content or silicon content ÷ (salt content in blowdown water-salt content in boiler feed water)

A simple qualitative method to determine the composition of circulating scale samples:

The main components of common scalethe phenomenon that scale is dissolved by acid
Carbonate scaleA lot of bubbles are generated after adding acid
Silicate scaleslowly dissolves in hot hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, producing white insoluble matter
Iron oxide scaleis dissolved by adding nitric acid to produce a yellow solution
Copper scaleadd nitric acid to dissolve, produce blue and yellow-green solution
Phosphate scaleAdd ammonium molybdate test solution and then add nitric acid to produce a yellow precipitate, and then add ammonia water will

dissolve the precipitate, indicating that it is phosphate scale

Standards for judging scale and corrosion of water sample analysis:

2PHS-PH<3.7serious scaling
2PHS-PH>7.5severe corrosion

Where: A, B, C, D, please refer to <Industrial Water Treatment Technology Questions and Answers and Common Data>

fresh water with less TDS

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