How to Eliminate Potential Risks in the Water Treatment Industry

Environmental knowledge: The process characteristics of water treatment equipment plants determine that it can only effectively remove conventional substances such as BOD, total suspended solids, and Escherichia coli, but cannot effectively remove unconventional substances and toxic industrial wastes contained in industrial wastewater. At present, if only the ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus storage standards are formulated and promulgated, without supporting the industry-based pretreatment standards of other management enterprises, it is easy to create the impression that the management of industrial wastewater only needs to meet the two indicators of ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus. . Under the current situation of imperfect pretreatment standards, the discharge behavior of other unconventional substances and toxic substances in managed enterprises will become chaotic and disorderly, resulting in a series of serious consequences: blocking or even destroying pipelines, leading to safety accidents; inhibiting biological treatment systems Activation, interfere with the normal operation of the system; affect the recycling of sludge, increase the cost of sludge treatment; some pollutants penetrate the sewage treatment system, causing serious environmental pollution.

In this regard, the following aspects need to be strengthened: On the one hand, it is necessary to fully demonstrate whether industrial wastewater is suitable for managed treatment. On the other hand, for industries suitable for managed treatment, pretreatment standards for unconventional substances and toxic substances should be added to the industrial standards for wastewater discharge, and a sound pretreatment standard system should be gradually established. It is suggested that the national and local environmental protection authorities should increase the improvement of pretreatment standards in the future. In the absence of pretreatment standards in relevant industries, they should be cautious about the application for management and treatment of industrial enterprise wastewater.

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