Storage and maintenance of hollow ultrafiltration membrane modules and devices

  • The requirements of ultrafiltration membranes for influent water quality
    Turbidity<5°,Particle size<5um, Suspended matter<5mg/L, 2<PH<13
    The temperature is 50℃, ultra-filtered water is used for backwashing.
  • Ultrafiltration equipment should be installed in a workshop with an ambient temperature of 4℃~30℃.
  • If the ultrafiltration module and device are not used for a long time (more than 1 week), a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution or 0.5% to 1% hydrogen peroxide solution should be prepared to fill the membrane module for storage. The protection fluid should be replaced within 3 months.
  • When the membrane module is blocked after long-term use and the flux is reduced, it should be cleaned with 1% hydrogen peroxide, and then soaked in a dilute acid or dilute alkali (5%-10%) solution, and then repeatedly cycled and washed.
  • It must be used for 1 hour after the machine is turned on with clean water (the filtered solution must be discharged) for storage or washing with reagents.
  • The ultrafiltration membrane module or device should be stored in a wet state, never in a dry state.

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