Harnessing the Power of Ozone Generators: Features and Parameter Measurement Methods


Ozone, renowned for its potent oxidation and disinfection properties, emerges as a versatile tool in water treatment. Its ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, reduce COD, and function as a green disinfectant makes ozone a standout choice. In this article, we delve into the distinctive features of ozone generators and the methods for measuring crucial parameters.

Ozone in Hospital Wastewater Treatment:

Hospital wastewater poses unique challenges due to the presence of special pollutants like pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, diagnostic agents, and detergents. Ozone generators have become instrumental in addressing these challenges. Ozone’s superior oxidation ability, approximately 600-3000 times faster than chlorine, ensures the efficient removal of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, contributing to successful hospital wastewater treatment.

Ozone Generator Characteristics:

  1. Ozone Disinfection Superiority:
    • Ozone, compared to chlorine, bleach, and chlorine dioxide, exhibits superior oxidation capabilities. Its ability to rapidly eliminate bacteria and viruses makes it a preferred choice for various applications.
  2. “Jet Siphon Forced Mixing” Technology:
    • The ozone generator employs innovative “jet siphon forced mixing” technology. This results in advantages such as excellent mixing efficiency, high ozone concentration, compact size, low energy consumption, and stable performance.

Ozone Application Areas:

  1. Drinking Water Purification:
    • Ozone, when combined with activated carbon, effectively removes chemical contaminants from tap water, ensuring it becomes high-quality, safe drinking water. The residual ozone concentration further acts as a safeguard against secondary bacterial contamination.
  2. Industrial Water Usage:
    • Ozone finds applications in electronic industry clean water, circulating cooling water for central air conditioning units, and water used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. It contributes to the bleaching of pulp in the textile and paper industries and aids in decolorization during spice, oil, and detergent production.
  3. Aquaculture and Agriculture:
    • Ozone-treated water proves beneficial in aquaculture, effectively eliminating odors, preventing diseases, and improving water quality. In agriculture, ozone-treated water for irrigation helps prevent bacterial infections in crops, fruits, vegetables, and flowers, making it especially relevant for emerging eco-friendly farming practices.
  4. Recreational and Healthcare Industries:
    • Ozone-infused water in recreational facilities like swimming pools, bathhouses, and beauty salons serves a dual purpose by disinfecting thoroughly and enhancing water quality. In healthcare, high-concentration ozone water proves effective in clinical treatments for burns and wounds, showcasing superior disinfection properties.
  5. Restaurant and Catering Hygiene:
    • Ozone water is an excellent choice for washing and soaking utensils, wine glasses, tea sets, knives, and cutting boards in the restaurant industry. Its exceptional disinfection effectiveness ensures a clean and uncontaminated environment.
  6. Wastewater Treatment:
    • Ozone plays a crucial role in treating industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, and medical facility wastewater. Its unique functions are indispensable for achieving stringent discharge standards, ensuring effective treatment outcomes.


Ozone generators stand at the forefront of modern disinfection technologies, offering unparalleled benefits across diverse applications. From ensuring water safety to contributing to eco-friendly practices, ozone generators are indispensable in today’s world. Embrace the power of ozone for superior water treatment and disinfection solutions, paving the way for a healthier and more sustainable future.

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