Filter applicable industries, application fields and filter equipment characteristics

Main application areas of filtration products:

1. Automobile industry: painting, paint and paint,
2. Electronic industry: pre-treatment of process water, pre-filtration
3. Edible oil and beverage industry: clarification and filtration of fruit juice and beverage juice, milk, etc., brewing, vinegar, edible oil
4. Petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industry: removing particles from chemicals, oils, etc.
5. Biopharmaceutical industry: filtration of biological and fermentation, medical water, washing water, high viscous liquid, etc.
6. Environmental protection: industrial and domestic water, textile and papermaking wastewater, metal processing fluid

Filter application scope:

1. Applicable to steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, textile, paper, food, agriculture, urban water supply, wastewater regeneration and other fields;
2. It can filter various water sources: river water, reservoir water, well water, and underground water sources to remove sand, algae, bacteria, organic matter, etc.;
3. It can filter circulating water in the chemical, power plant, paper, food, textile and other industries, as well as municipal engineering wastewater;
4. Used in equipment that has certain requirements for water quality, such as water pumps, solenoid valves, ion exchangers, heat exchangers, etc. or water supply and drainage pipelines, it can filter out impurities in the water and avoid blockage of pipelines, nozzles and other parts;
5. Can be used for cooling water, cooling towers, air conditioning systems, supplementary water systems, and gravity flow systems;
6. It can be used for agricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, parks, turf irrigation, etc.

Technical characteristics of filter:

1. Fully automatic self-cleaning and sewage discharge, which will not affect the normal operation of the water supply and drainage system during the sewage discharge process, and the pipeline filtering water flow will not be interrupted;
2. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and the installation is simple and convenient. You can choose various installation methods according to the site conditions;
3. Large filtration area, small volume, less land occupation, good sealing performance and convenient maintenance;
4. According to water quality requirements, choose different production materials;

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