Comprehensive Iron and Manganese Removal Equipment for Wastewater Treatment

With the continuous advancement of the economy and the rising living standards, there is a growing awareness of health and an increasing demand for high-quality drinking water. Additionally, surface water pollution is on the rise, making the development and utilization of groundwater sources more crucial than ever. Therefore, the need for iron and manganese removal from groundwater has become increasingly urgent. The application prospects of pressure-based groundwater iron and manganese removal devices are expanding.

Groundwater, particularly well water, often contains high levels of iron and manganese, resulting in an unpleasant metallic taste, discoloration, and the formation of reddish-brown sludge deposits. These issues severely impact our daily water usage. Specialized systems, such as those combining aeration, oxidation, and filtration, have been developed to effectively address these concerns. These systems offer unique process features, compact structures, easy operation, and maintenance, making them widely applicable in gold factories, urban areas, and new rural communities.

Iron and Manganese Removal Wastewater Treatment Equipment

High iron and manganese content in groundwater poses health risks when consumed over an extended period. Elevated iron levels lead to a metallic taste and affect water quality, which can be detrimental to industries such as papermaking, textiles, printing, dyeing, chemicals, and leather production. Moreover, excess iron in water can stain clothes with yellow or brownish spots and promote the growth of iron bacteria, which can clog pipelines and lead to discolored water. The problems associated with high manganese levels are similar to those of elevated iron levels and can cause corrosion in industrial equipment. According to China’s drinking water quality standards, water with iron levels exceeding 0.3 mg/L and manganese levels exceeding 0.1 mg/L must undergo purification treatment. Iron and manganese removal equipment is primarily used in areas with high iron and manganese concentrations in groundwater to meet national drinking water standards.

Key Features:

  1. Aeration Section: Requires minimal chemical additives and catalysts, reducing operational costs.
  2. Main Equipment: Combines strong oxidation reactions, sand separation, and group-type suspended tanks in a unique structure.
  3. Filter Section: Internal self-backwashing eliminates the need for backwash water pumps, reducing space requirements and engineering investments.
  4. High-Pressure Filter Backwashing: Ensures uniform and efficient cleaning of the filter bed, extending filter media lifespan.
  5. Direct Water Supply: The system can directly supply water to users and pipelines, eliminating the need for clean water reservoirs and secondary pumping stations, reducing equipment costs and preventing secondary pollution.

Applications and Principles:

The LTLD series of underground iron and manganese removal devices are mainly used in areas with high iron and manganese content in groundwater. These devices employ the oxidation principle to convert soluble Fe2+ and Mn2+ ions into insoluble Fe3+ and MnO2 by utilizing oxygen from the air. This process, combined with natural manganese sand, removes iron and manganese ions from the water.

Technical Performance:

  • Gas-water mixing time: 3-5 minutes
  • Filter bed filtration rate: 0-14 m/h
  • Backwash intensity: 16-18 L/m²s
  • Filter bed thickness: 1.0-1.2 meters
  • Inlet pressure: ≥0.06 MPa
  • Equipment pressure resistance: 0.06-0.3 MPa, 0.3-0.6 MPa, 0.6-1.0 MPa

Scope of Application:

Inlet water: Iron < 20 mg/L, Manganese < 10 mg/L Outlet water: Iron < 0.3 mg/L, Manganese < 0.1 mg/L

Installation and Commissioning:

Select a water pump based on the equipment’s water production capacity and head. For indoor installations, consider insulation facilities in northern regions. Prepare a concrete foundation and drainage ditch before positioning the equipment. Connect pipelines, valves, and instruments according to the process flowchart. Pay special attention to ensuring that the backwash drainage pipes are not hermetically sealed to observe backwash intensity and control backwash time.

When filling the filter bed, start with the supporting layer (manganese stone), clean each layer before filling, maintain even layers, and then fill with manganese sand. After completing filter media filling, tighten all component screws and initiate water commissioning.

During commissioning, open the inlet valve, exhaust valve, and filter inlet valve while closing the outlet valve before starting the water pump to fill the tank. Simultaneously, start the air supply machine with the air valve open at half the air intake capacity. When the tank is full, and the pressure gauge reaches two kilograms of pressure, stop the pump to inspect for any leaks. Proceed to backwash each filter bed separately, following specific steps. Ensure that the final filter bed’s backwash ends with opening the outlet valve, closing the backwash drain valve, and opening the filter bed’s inlet valve to initiate normal equipment operation. Monitor gas injection levels and water quality during equipment operation, adjusting backwash cycles based on water quality and supply volume.

Periodic Inspection:

After one year of operation, perform an inspection. Stop the equipment, open the filter bed access cover, and check for wear and loss of filter media. Add media as needed and provide external corrosion protection to ensure equipment longevity.

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