What are the advantages of UV disinfection?

  1. The disinfection speed is fast and the efficiency is high. Ultraviolet disinfection can kill bacteria, viruses, spores and other harmful substances very effectively. The disinfection is spectral and can remove spores and viruses that are difficult to kill by liquid chlorine.
  2. Ultraviolet disinfection is a physical process. Compared with chemical disinfection, it avoids the danger and corrosiveness in production, handling and transportation. The traditional methods of chlorine, chlorine dioxide and other gases are harmful to the human body. Many sewage treatment plants are located in densely populated urban areas. Once leaks occur, the consequences are very serious. The production process of these disinfectants is relatively complicated, and the transportation process is required. Higher. To
  3. No residual effects harmful to humans and aquatic life. After chlorine disinfection, secondary pollution will occur, and the organic matter produced has carcinogenic effects on the human body, and will also cause harm to organisms in the water and the environment.
  4. UV disinfection is easy to operate, relatively safe and reliable to the surrounding environment and operators, easy to manage, and easy to realize automation.
  5. Compared with other disinfection methods, UV disinfection has a shorter contact time, usually within 0.5 minutes, and requires less space. It can save a lot of land and civil construction investment. It can be sterilized by ultraviolet radiation for tens of seconds. Generally, E. coli The average removal rate can reach 98%, and the average removal rate of the total number of bacteria is 96.6%.
  6. It does not affect the physical properties and chemical composition of the water, and does not increase the odor and taste of the water.

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