Water treatment accessories: hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of ultrafiltration membrane. It is the most mature and advanced technology in ultrafiltration technology. The outer diameter of the hollow fiber is 0.5-2.0mm, and the inner diameter is 0.3-1.4mm. The hollow fiber tube wall is full of micropores. The pore diameter is expressed by the molecular weight of the material that can be retained. The molecular weight can be cut off from several thousand to several hundred thousand. The raw water flows under pressure on the outside of the hollow fiber or in the inner cavity to form an external pressure type and an internal pressure type respectively. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process. The retained substances can be removed with concentration without clogging the membrane surface and can be operated continuously for a long time. Ultrafiltration membrane is one of the first polymer separation membranes developed.

Ultrafiltration technology is a high technology widely used in the field of water purification, solution separation, concentration, and extraction of useful substances from wastewater, and wastewater purification and reuse. It is characterized by simple use process, no heating, energy saving, low pressure operation, and small area of ​​equipment.

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane uses:

It is mainly used in ultrafiltration water purifiers. For example, ultrafiltration technology is used in straight drinking machines commonly used now. And the pure water machine currently used in the market mainly uses RO reverse osmosis technology.

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