Water treatment accessories: Fiber ball filter

Fiber ball filter

The fiber ball filter material is made of fiber filaments. Compared with the traditional steel particle filter material, it has the advantages of good elasticity, no floating on the water surface, large gaps, long working cycle, and small head loss. During the filtration process, the voids of the filter layer gradually become smaller along the direction of the water flow, which is more in line with the ideal filter material, which is announced by the upper and lower pores, with high efficiency, fast filtration speed (20-85m/h), large sewage interception capacity and good filtration effect , Renewable, backwashing with automobile water, the washing water volume is 1-2% of the filtered water volume, suitable for filtering various water quality.

Usual format:

0.5-1.0mm, 0.5-0.8mm, 0.6-1.2mm, 0.8-1.6mm, 1.0-2.0mm, 2.0-4.0m

Fiber Ball Physical and Chemical Index

Analysis project Test data
Density 1.38kg/m³
Filtration speed 20-85m/h
Filling density 60-80kg/m³
Pollution load 6-10kg/m³
Specific surface area 3000m²/m³
Ball diameter 15-25, 25-30mm
Porosity 96%
Appearance of Sphere White Sphere Oval

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