Ultrafiltration applications

The ultrafiltration membrane can retain almost all bacteria and viruses, the removal rate of bacteria can reach 99.9999% (6log), and the removal rate of viruses can reach 99.99% (4log), which ensures the biological safety of reclaimed water. At the same time, combined with dosing, the ultrafiltration membrane has a good phosphorus removal effect, and ultrafiltration can remove part of BOD at the same time.

In order to meet the removal rate requirements for various pollutants, especially turbidity and Escherichia coli, the use of traditional media filtration and mechanical filtration can not fully meet the quality requirements of the filtered effluent. In particular, in order to meet the increasingly strict requirements for pathogenic microorganisms in reused water, to ensure sufficient safety when the human body contacts this water body, and to be used as a higher-quality municipal reuse water, it is possible to physically cut off bacteria and viruses. The filter medium of this project is particularly important as the core filter equipment of this project.

The use of ultrafiltration technology can ensure the effect of water treatment and improve the safety and reliability of operation; it is conducive to energy saving, consumption reduction, easy operation, control and maintenance, and reduces operating costs. Because the ultrafiltration system has many advantages, we have built several large-scale sewage treatment reclaimed water reuse projects.

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