Type and structure of activated sludge aeration tank

The main working mode of activated sludge method

Type and structure of aeration tank

  1. Type of gas tank
    1. According to the flowing state of the mixed liquid, the aeration tank can be divided into three types: push-flow type, complete mixing type and circulating mixing type.
    2. can be divided into blast aeration tank, mechanical aeration tank and combined mechanical aeration tank;
    3. According to the shape of the aeration tank, it can be divided into rectangular corridor shape, round shape, square shape and round track shape;
    4. According to the relationship between aeration tank and secondary sedimentation tank, it can be divided into two types: joint construction type (namely aeration sedimentation tank) and auxiliary construction type.
  2. Flow state of aeration tank
    1. Push flow aeration tank
    2. Completely mixed aeration tank
    3. Circulating mixed aeration tank: oxidation ditch
  3. Structure of aeration tank
  4. The structure of the aeration tank should meet the requirements of aeration, oxygenation and mixing. Therefore, the structure of the aeration tank depends first on the aeration method and the aeration device used.

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