The structure and working principle of the ozone generator?

The ozone generator mainly consists of a raw material air intake system, a drying system, a pressure frequency conversion system, a discharge system, a cooling system and a control system. The raw material gas enters the discharge chamber after drying. There are five groups of 20 discharge tubes in the discharge chamber. The input voltage of 400V, 50Hz is converted to 4000V, 900Hz output voltage after boosting and frequency conversion, and then sent to the discharge tube. Ionize into ozone after high-voltage and medium-frequency discharge. The discharge tube is a composite pipe in the inner cavity. The inner tube is composed of a non-glass discharge rod and a grounded stainless steel inner shell for gas in and out and discharge. The outer tube is a stainless steel tube for cooling water to take away a large amount of heat generated after the discharge. . The specific ionization formula is: 3O2——-2O3
The equipment uses liquefied air pure oxygen as the raw material gas, which reduces auxiliary equipment such as air compressor stations and improves production efficiency.

1. Adjustment of the amount of ozone generated:

The adjustment of the amount of ozone generation can be divided into two types: automatic and manual. Automatic adjustment requires an additional online instrument and control system to form a closed-loop control loop. According to research data, the output of ozone depends on the gas flow and current, and the temperature of the cooling medium also has a certain influence. Since there is no previous ozone concentration meter, we can only take water from the ozone reaction contact pool to determine the concentration of residual O3, and adjust the generator indirectly according to the actual demand. The cooling medium uses factory water from a water plant. The water temperature is between 5 and 25 ℃ throughout the year, which is generally inconvenient to adjust. Therefore, the output of O3 can only be controlled by changing the flow of O2 and the size of the working current. For the specific adjustment method, we refer to the O3 output curve, and obtain the best combination point by calculating the cost of O2 and the electricity bill for power consumption. After a period of exploration and testing, the empirical parameters of O2 flow and working current at each point when the O3 generation amount is 1kg~5kg are obtained. Practice has proved that manual adjustment with these empirical parameters is effective for Jiang’s low cost and production.

2. Precautions for use and maintenance:

The control panel of the ozone generator adopts a touch-mode LCD screen, which is very convenient to use, and the maintenance of the equipment is relatively simple, but there are several points that must be paid attention to:

1. Ensure that the gas is dry:

Since the ionization of O2 uses high-voltage discharge, the gas must be absolutely dry, otherwise the discharge tube will be burned. The gas must meet the following requirements:
A. Dew point<-60℃;
B. Hydrocarbon content <15ppm;
Every time the machine is shut down for more than one week, the system must be purged for 12 hours before restarting. Never allow water to flow back to the generator or dryer, and do not allow moist air to enter the generator.

2. Ensure the normal supply of cooling water: Shenyang ozone generator, Shenyang ultraviolet equipment

The cooling water is very important to the normal operation of the ozone generator. The cooling water of the CFL-5 ozone generator must meet the following requirements:
Chlorine content ≤50mg/l;
The inlet temperature is 2~30℃;
Operating pressure 2~6barg;
Flow rate 5.5 m3/h;
The ozone generator was shut down due to two failures of the cooling water source. The first time was shortly after the start of operation. Due to the debris entering the cooling water pipe and blocking the elbow during the construction process, the generator was automatically shut down due to insufficient cooling water flow. The other time was after more than a year of use, the Y-type filter of the cooling water pipe was clogged because it was not cleaned for a long time, causing the automatic protection to stop. It can be seen that suitable cooling water not only affects the output of O3, but also is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the generator.

3. You must always pay attention to safety:

The ozone generator is a very advanced product, but there is still the possibility of danger due to improper use, poor maintenance, and material replacement. The sources of danger are: oxygen, ozone, mechanical wire, electricity and air pressure, among which oxygen and ozone are easy to cause danger.
However, when ozone is used as a raw material gas, due to its ability to support combustion and accelerate combustion (especially when the air content is> 25% by volume), it may cause poor ventilation, leakage of internal or external pipelines of the equipment, or opening of the oxygen-containing system. The oxygen concentration rose to dangerous levels. Increased oxygen concentration increases the fire hazard. For this reason, open flames are particularly prohibited, oil cloths are not allowed, and equipment in contact with oxygen should not be in contact with oil and butter.
Ozone is a toxic and corrosive gas. It can intensify combustion. It is heavier than air and oxygen (it can accumulate on the ground and in narrow channels), pungent and unstable. The following is the human body response to ozone at various concentrations.
Therefore, the use and maintenance personnel must be specially trained; other personnel should be restricted from entering the “ozone area” and warning signs should be hung; adequate ventilation should be provided to indicate escape routes; emergency stop can be achieved in the event of danger; proper breathing should be prepared on site Daily life; environmental monitoring of all places where ozone may be present.

3.  thoughts after use:

The ozone generator has been in use for the past two years, and it should be said that it is safe, reliable, and has excellent performance. The maintenance workload is small, and the automatic protection system is good. However, the use and maintenance must be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications of the manual, and a little carelessness will cause malfunctions. Our company once had a fault shutdown. After the automatic protection tripped, the system was overheated. The fault point was not found after searching in many places. After the final comprehensive inspection, the filter of the cabinet vent was too dirty. If it is not replaced in time, the fault will be eliminated if the machine is restarted after cleaning. Such negligence will cause the loss of 12 hours of production suspension, which is really worthy of reflection. In addition, if conditions permit, you can configure online monitoring instruments and safety alarm devices, so that the operation is more accurate and faster, and the system is more safe and reliable. In short, advanced equipment must have qualified technical personnel, supplemented by scientific management methods to give full play to the best performance.

4. Precautions for ozone generator installation:

  1. Install the equipment in a dry and spacious place to facilitate heat dissipation and maintenance;
  2. Ensure that the electricity, gas, and water inlet and outlet pipelines are connected correctly;
  3. The capacity of the line used meets the requirements to ensure the elimination of fire hazards;
  4. High pressure is dangerous, do not flush the equipment with water.
  5. Cannot be placed near the substation.
  6. Stay away from high-voltage lines.
  7. The ground should not be wet.
  8. There should be a certain space (≥300mm) between the equipment and the surrounding area;
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