The overall solution for water treatment – Ultrafiltration technology

Process characteristics:

This process consists of a high-efficiency mixer, a reaction sedimentation tank, 863 filtration technology and a highly integrated ultrafiltration device. The process characteristics of each component are as follows:

Features of high-efficiency mixer, reaction sedimentation tank, automatic flocculant dosing system and DA863 filtration technology (see above);

The ultrafiltration device is a high-precision membrane filtration product designed based on the system integration theory and according to the structural characteristics and operating process of the hollow fiber membrane. This product has the characteristics of large water treatment capacity, high filtration accuracy, good effluent quality, small footprint, low investment cost, stable operating flow, and small pressure fluctuations. The product can also realize online backwashing, which can maximize the filtration performance of hollow fibers.

Therefore, this process has the advantages of impact load resistance, good water treatment effect and high precision. It is generally suitable for surface water (river water, reservoir water, etc.) fine treatment.

6TPH ultrafiltration

Core technologies:

High-efficiency mixer, reaction sedimentation tank, 863 filtration technology, highly integrated ultrafiltration device

Scope of application:

This process is suitable for the situation where the effluent requirements are high, and the turbidity of the effluent can reach 0.1NTU. It can be widely used in in-depth treatment occasions in various industries of water treatment, such as water supply engineering, environmental engineering, food and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

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