Technical requirements for UV sterilizers?

  1. The design of the sterilizer should meet the requirements of GB 8988 “Safety Requirements for Household and Similar General Purpose Electronic and Related Equipment Powered by Grid Power”
  2. The sterilizer shall be manufactured according to the drawings and technical documents approved by the technical management regulations
  3. The parts of the same type of sterilizer should ensure their interchangeability
  4. The UV-irradiated surface of the sterilizer should be polished
  5. The working pressure of the pressure-bearing cylinder should not be less than 0.60MPa, and the test pressure should not be less than 0.90MPa
  6. A deflector should be installed in the cylinder or box
  7. The installation requirements of straight tube quartz ultraviolet low-pressure mercury lamps and lamps shall comply with YY/T0160 “straight tube quartz ultraviolet low-pressure mercury disinfection lamps”.
  8. When there are higher requirements for the environment, low-ozone lamps should be preferred to reduce the pollution of ozone to the environment
  9. The arrangement of the lamp tube should make the ultraviolet intensity distribution on the ultraviolet irradiated surface uniform.
  10. The sterilizer should be provided with lamp lighting indication, cumulative lighting time indication or relative indication of ultraviolet radiation intensity
  11. The lamp should be separated from the water by a quartz glass sleeve, and the quartz sleeve should have a transmittance of 253.7mm ultraviolet rays Should be greater than 85%
  12. The low-voltage electrical appliances selected for the sterilizer should meet the technical requirements of the corresponding products
  13. The sterilizer should be provided with inlet and outlet pipes, drain pipes and sampling pipes. When the sterilizer is inconvenient to install the drain pipe, it can also be installed on the connecting pipe at the same place as the sterilizer

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