Summarization of technical methods of rural drinking water equipment

Although our cities have been expanding over the years, they are still small compared to the vast rural areas. In recent years, the development of rural areas has also become faster and faster. Many industrial enterprises have moved in and brought a lot of pollution at the same time. The quality of drinking water has been polluted. This paper introduces the technical methods of rural drinking water equipment and water purification.

Softening method of rural drinking water equipment

The climate in the north and south of my country is very different, and the hardness of water quality is also very different. The softening method of rural drinking water equipment refers to removing or reducing the hardness of water to a certain extent, mainly referring to the removal of calcium and magnesium ions in water. But it also has limitations. In the process of softening, the water only softens the water quality and cannot improve the water quality.

Magnetization method of rural drinking water equipment

The quality of drinking water in rural areas in my country is becoming more and more complex, mainly because of the serious aggravation of pollution. Rural drinking water equipment can also use the magnetization method, which refers to the use of magnetic field effects to treat water called magnetization of water. This method is the most advanced technology and is still in the initial stage of practice and research so far.

Mineralization method of rural drinking water equipment

Water quality is now more and more concerned by people, and cities pay more and more attention to drinking water safety. Rural drinking water is equally important and can be treated by mineralization. It refers to adding mineral elements that are beneficial to the human body to the water on the basis of purification, and its purpose is to exert the health care effect of drinking water.

Rural drinking water equipment can solve the problem, that is, there is the problem of bacterial contamination in small township water supply enterprises and groundwater use areas. Good equipment is carefully designed to adapt to different water sources.

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