Successful Transformation of Desalination Water Filters: A Technological Breakthrough


Desalination water systems play a crucial role in providing clean and safe water, but the efficiency of existing filtration methods can be a limiting factor. In this article, we delve into the successful transformation of desalination water filters, specifically addressing the issues encountered with the original mechanical filtration system.

Challenges with Existing Mechanical Filters:

The desalination water system initially relied on three mechanical filters with varying specifications. However, several challenges were evident, including:

  • Limited water production (100m3/h) and short operational cycles (8 hours).
  • Elevated water consumption (10%-15%) and inconsistent water quality with turbidity ranging from 6-15 mg/l.
  • Higher levels of colloids, organic substances, and microorganisms.
  • Short filter lifespan (5-6 months) requiring frequent quartz sand plate replacements.
  • Excessive self-consumption water (20%) leading to non-compliance with discharge standards.

Given these challenges, it was evident that the water quality standards were not met, impacting downstream processes and overall economic efficiency.

Feasibility of Filter Technology Transformation:

The introduction of high-efficiency fiber filters presented a viable solution to address the limitations of the mechanical filtration system. These advanced filters, boasting superior structural design and performance, have successfully overcome issues associated with fiber filter materials during filtration and cleaning processes.

High-efficiency fiber filters effectively remove suspended solids, exhibit notable removal of organic substances and colloids, and surpass traditional granular filters in terms of speed, precision, pollutant capacity, low cost per ton of water, minimal self-consumption, and reduced footprint. The specifications of the mechanical filters can be seamlessly transformed into high-efficiency fiber filters, significantly enhancing output (350-400 m3/h), extending operational cycles (8-15 days), and reducing self-consumption (2%) and discharge volume.

Economic Benefits:

The economic benefits resulting from the transformation include:

  1. Direct Economic Benefits:
    • Achieving standardized water quality output.
    • Extended operational cycles and increased equipment output.
    • Reduced self-consumption and discharge volume.
    • Elimination of material replacement costs and labor intensity.
  2. Indirect Economic Benefits:
    • Alleviation of the burden on downstream activated carbon filters and ion exchangers.
    • Prolonged lifespan of activated carbon and ion exchange resins.
    • Extended operational cycles for the entire system, reducing backwash water consumption and discharge.
    • Reduced maintenance requirements and labor intensity due to extended operational cycles.

Real-Life Improvements After the Transformation:

Following the transformation from mechanical filters to high-efficiency fiber filters, real-life operational improvements were observed. The operational cycle extended to approximately 15 days, self-consumption water reduced to 1%, and water quality significantly improved, surpassing initial expectations.


The successful technological transformation of desalination water filters not only meets water quality standards but also brings forth substantial economic benefits, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced system stability. The transition to high-efficiency fiber filters is a testament to the potential for innovation in water treatment technologies.

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