Quality requirements for boiler feed water?

The use of qualified make-up water is the prerequisite for the boiler to operate safely, economically, reliably and stably, and to produce qualified steam and hot water. The poor quality of the boiler feed water will lead to the formation of scale, the damage of the heating surface metal due to high temperature, the reduction of thermal efficiency, the increase of the number of chemical cleanings and the corrosion of the boiler metal, and the azeotropy of steam and water due to the excessive salt content in the boiler water. Deterioration of quality.

Water treatment scheme for boiler feed water:
Sodium ion exchange softening method

Pretreatment (influent turbidity > 5mg/L) —→ Sodium-type strong acid cation exchange —→ Soft water pool/box —→ Water point
Ensure that the residual hardness of water is less than or equal to 0.03mmo1/L, but it cannot reduce the alkalinity of water, and can be used for low-pressure boiler make-up water.

working principle:

The equipment belongs to a continuous liquid phase switching ion exchange treatment process, floating bed type. Its design and exchange, automatic control, regeneration three systems are integrated. The exchange system consists of two exchange columns and a specially designed rotary valve according to the principle of alignment. The automatic control system realizes the relative movement and periodic conversion of various liquids through the periodic rotation and alignment of the rotary valve, and performs production, regeneration and cleaning operations; The regeneration liquid is automatically supplied by the regeneration system, and the two exchange columns work alternately to realize continuous water production.


  • Automatic control, continuous water production, easy operation, safe and reliable.
  • Strong adaptability, for high hardness water ≤20mmol/L, it can be softened to residual hardness ≤0.03mmol/L at one time.
  • Short regeneration time, less resin consumption, low salt consumption, stable water quality and low operating cost.
  • The equipment is light in weight, compact in structure, reasonable in design, small in floor space, no need for spare equipment, no need for additional salt pools, salt pumps and pressure salt dissolvers, saving investment.
  • The whole machine is shipped from the factory, and the installation is simple. Just connect the inlet and outlet pipes and the power supply, and the water can be turned on.
  • The energy-saving effect is remarkable, compared with similar products, it saves 50% of investment, 30% of energy, 60% of cleaning water, and reduces environmental pollution.

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