Production process requirements and system control working principle of pure water filling machine equipment

1 The working principle of pure water filling machine

The pure water filling machine equipment process is a continuous working system, which consists of three parts: AI series washing machine, water filling machine and capping machine. A horizontal stainless steel chain runs through the entire washing process of the washing machine. According to the size of the system, 6 canned bottles can be loaded at the same time. The bottles pass through multiple links of the washing machine and stop intermittently at each position. Rinse from the top and inside so that each bottle goes through 6 rinses before internal filling. The processed bottles are pushed to the filling machine through a series of actions, and the automatic filling process is completed after being filled with water and capped by the capping machine.

The canning process control of pure water filling machine is as follows:

When operating the pure water filling machine, as long as the cleaning and transfer button is pressed, the stainless steel chain moves, and the photosensitive sensor at the rear of the cleaning machine is in working state. When the bottle reaches the predetermined position, the photosensitive sensor inputs a signal to the controller, and the controller closes the chain operation signal. . At this time, the magnetic induction switch on the bottle loader acts, the controller pushes the bottle into the bottle loader, and the sensor (steel wire) on the bottle loader senses, the controller automatically raises the bottle, the bottle is loaded to the horizontal position, and the limit switch acts, The controller outputs the working signal of the cap selection jumper and the return signal of the bottle loader. At this time, the limit switch is activated, the filling nozzle of the controller moves down, the limit switch acts to start filling, when the set value is reached, the filling nozzle rises, the transmission motor and the capping motor are driven, and the steel chain operation signal (cleaning transmission) start. Every time a filling action is completed, the filling times are recorded and displayed on the display screen.

2 The main equipment of the pure water filling machine equipment process

  1. Photosensitive sensor: It is used to detect whether there is a bottle on the upper bottle mouth. The output of the bottle is high level, and the output of no bottle is low level.
  2. Solenoid valves 1, 2, 3, and 4 are respectively used to push the bottle into the bottle loader, the upper bottle is raised and returned, and the top and bottom of the filling head can be filled with pure water.
  3. Bottle loading device: After the bottle enters the bottle loading device, it is driven by the solenoid valve to turn 90 degrees, and limit switches MS4 and MS7 are installed at the two extreme positions of the turning.
  4. Filling the nozzle: After the nozzle is moved down, the water can be tanked, and limit switches MS8 and MS9 are installed at the upper and lower limit positions.
  5. Capping conveyor belt: It is driven by motors M11 and M12.
  6. PLC controller: As a controller, it will judge various input signals, process data, and output control signals.

3 Pure water filling machine equipment defines input and output signals

The device is connected to the programmable controller through the interface circuit, the interface circuit is installed in the main control box, and each input element (limit switch, sensor) and output element (motor, solenoid valve) on the device are connected to the programmable controller through the interface connect. The programmable controller executes the corresponding output action according to the result of the logic operation of the control program by detecting the signal generated by each input element.

4 Instructions for programming of pure water filling machine equipment system

According to the pure water filling process, the design program of the filling system is compiled, and the control hardware of the filling system is made. In order to improve the reliability of the system, the system also provides manual and automatic switching functions. When the PLC system and the interface circuit are faulty or repaired, they can be switched to manual operation without affecting the operation of the entire system.

The design features of pure water filling machine are:

  1. The filling mode can be switched between 11.3L and 18.9L at will.
  2. The filling time can be set, but it must be ensured that the amount of water in each barrel is sufficient.
  3. The number of filling bottles and the filling process have digital simulation display, which can check the filling, filling time and the total number of bottles produced at any time.

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