HARBIN ROPV membrane housing

HARBIN ROPV membrane housing

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China
Brand Name: CHIWATEC
Size: 1020*103*103mm
Weight: 10KG
Package: carton
Applicable Industries: Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Food Shop, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
Model: 4040*1
Material: FRP
Colour: nature
Port no: max 8 pc
Port size: max DN100
Pressure: 300psi/450psi/1000psi
Operating temperature: -7°C to 49°C
Technics: FRP twisted
Open: side/end


1. Brief introduction of HARBIN ROPV membrane housing

Harbin ROPV membrane housing is the best quality membrane housing in China. It is good quality with high pressure resistant. Good performance with no leaking. Widely used in both pure water field and seawater desalination systems.

Fervid was born from ROPV RO membrane housing. It is the same factory with ROPV RO vessel. It’s a subset product of ROPV brand. Mainly market for economic price and high quality requirements. The main size of Fervid is 8″ element. With pressure of 300psi and 450psi. 600psi can be customized. Fervid is already attract many clients by its excellent design, special apperance and high quality function. It’s widely applicate in power plant, chemical industry, medicine and food.

2. Features of HARBIN ROPV membrane housing

  1. FRP twisted case, durable
  2. Working pressure: 300, 400, or 1,000PSI
  3. End port or side port is optional
  4. Internal diameter: 112mm
  5. Available lengths: 1, 2, 3, 4 cores
  6. Operating temperature: -7°C to 49°C
  7. Standard color: white
  8. Other colors also available for selection
  9. Can be produced according to customer’s order
  10. FRP Pressure Vessel with all kinds of specifications for your choice.

3. Product indication of HARBIN ROPV membrane housing

  • 4″membrane housing
  • FRP twisted case, durable
  • The option of thread connection at water outlet: 1/2″ 3/4″
  • Thread connection at fresh water outlet: 1/2″female thread
  • SS316L halfmoon locking plate: easy operation, safety and reliability
  • subassembly at head
  • kind of pressure: 300,450
  • length type: 1,2,3,4 core
  • The design of head connection directly will reduce the quantity of joint used for the connection of filtering film.
  • 8″membrane housing
  • The integrated locking ring thrust ring can reduce pressure drop at high-speed flow rate. Its cone design can guarantee high compression resistance property. The maximum may reach to 205kgf/cm2.
  • The surface is polyurethane coating. It can protect that the membrane housing cannot be suffered from environmental damage and assure its beautiful and taste appearance.
  • The standard color is white. Other color may also be provided.

4.Technical requirements HARBIN ROPV membrane housing

The fabricating method of membrane housing should be in accordance with JC692-1998;
The design pressure of membrane housing is 1000PSI and the permitted scope of work temperature is -7℃~49℃.
The leakage test of membrane housing adapts hydraulic test. The test pressure is 1.2 times of the design pressure.

5. Spare parts and warehouse

spare parts


6. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

7. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

8. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

9. Finished projects:

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