Carbon Steel Degasifier

Product name: Carbon Steel Degasifier
Diameter: 1100mm
Functure: Remove CO2
Material: carbon steel rubber lined
Capacity: 30m³



1. Brief introduction of Carbon Steel Degasifier

Carbon Steel Degasifier for boiler water requirement by using degasifier tower the out put water is used for EDI and mixed bed feeding water. CO2 will be removed before the water entering into EDI and mixed bed.

2. Proposal of Carbon Steel Degasifier

1,Style: Atmospheric carbon dioxide degasifier
2, Diameter:  DN1200mm
Qty.:1 set
3, Filling hight:H=2000mm
Material:PP Hacketten
4 ,Designed pressure:<0.1MPa
Operation pressure:  ordinary pressure
5, Inflow device
Main tube: 100 mm (1pc)
Sub-tube :32 mm (8 pcs)
6, Effluent device
style:cone type
Material:carbon steel rubber lined
7, Water collect device
style:folded plate
Height:  250 mm
8, Blower
Input air:Q= 1143-2506  Nm³/h
Wind pressure:H= 1440  Pa
Motor model:Y112M-2
Power :1.5KW
Blower stand: carbon steel
Brand:Yixing Blower
9,Inner wall rubber
Number of pliers:2
Total thickness:5mm
10,Equipment inner diameter:φ1200mm
Tank wall thickness:δ=6mm
11,Equipment hight
Hight of staight flange:4200 mm
Total height:  4800mm
12,Equipment weight
Net weight:1880 kg
13, Filling backup unit
Style:multi-pore plate
Material:carbon steel coated
14, Port sizes
Water inlet            DN100   PN 1.0Mpa
Air vent               DN400   PN 0.25Mpa
15,   Degasifier connection   1200mm flange with bolt and nut

3. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

4. Comments from customers

Comments From Customers

5. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

6. Finished projects:

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