Pickling Wastewater Overview

Pickling wastewater is the wastewater produced by acid pickling with sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid in order to remove oxides on the metal surface. Most of the wastewater comes from iron and steel plants or electroplating plants. The pH value is generally below 1.5 (free acid 0.5-2%), which is strongly acidic. The neutralization method is used to treat the wastewater. Magnesium oxide etc.

The thin plate and steel rolling process of general steel mills use the sulfuric acid flow method to clean the surface just now. Medium-sized enterprises produce 1000-1500 tons of waste water washing liquid annually, among which the main components of waste acid discharged from steel rolling process are: FeSO4-100g/L, free acid-20%. Any treatment of this pickling solution Weijing is directly discharged into the river, causing river water pollution and ecological damage, so it is imperative to treat it.

Pickling waste liquor is a kind of available resource. Comprehensive treatment of it, turning harm into profit and turning waste into treasure is a powerful measure to benefit the factory and society. According to the actual situation of general steel mills, it is advisable to eliminate environmental pollution, reuse resources, not produce secondary pollution, less one-time investment, simple process and easy management.

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