Main factors affecting ultrafiltration membrane (UF)

The main factors that affect the ultrafiltration membrane (UF) should be noted:

  • The filtration rate (ie flux) is related to the concentration of the solution.
  • Solutes with small molecular weight are filtered quickly, and long-chain molecules are easier to pass through the membrane than spherical molecules.
  • When the temperature increases, the flux is large, but it cannot exceed the rated temperature. (The solute of polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane should not exceed 50℃).
  • The high flow rate of the material liquid is the large flux.
  • Increasing the pressure of extremely dilute solutions (such as water) can increase the flux, but it cannot exceed the rated pressure.
  • When the PH value is close to the isoelectric point of the solute, the flux is low.
  • In the mixed solution, macromolecular substances may form secondary (concentration polarization) on the membrane surface, which will affect the passage of small molecular solutes. Reduce flux.
Inside-out PS UF Membrane

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