Introduction to the principle of pure water equipment

Pure water equipment introduction: It is a process in which mixed ion exchange resins are used to adsorb anions and cations in the water, and these adsorbed ions are removed through the exchange membrane through the anion and cation under the action of a DC voltage. In this process, the ion exchange resin is continuously regenerated by electricity, so there is no need to regenerate it with acid and alkali. This new technology can replace traditional ion exchange devices to produce ultrapure water with a resistivity of up to 18MΩ·CM.

The main features of pure water equipment: stable water quality, easy to realize fully automatic control, no shutdown due to regeneration, no chemical regeneration, low operating cost, small plant area, and no sewage discharge.

Overview of 50G LCD computer water purifier:

Five-stage filtration: 5 micron PP + granular activated carbon + 5 micron PP + reverse osmosis membrane + post activated carbon
Manual backflushing, water production, full water, and water stop can all be automatically controlled
Efficiently remove various impurities, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, organics, and chemical poisons
Soften water quality, pure water, optimize taste
The water quality is pure, the taste is clear, it leads to a new fashion of drinking water, and the running cost of water production is low, about 0.02 yuan per liter;
It produces 50 gallons (189 liters) of water per day, which can be used for daily drinking for a family of 5 or for office drinking for 20 people.

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