Introduce the production process of FRP tank

The main uses of FPR tank are the following four

  1. Manganese sand: the function is to use the water with too high iron and manganese content to oxidize the dissolved ferrous or manganese into insoluble under the action of manganese sand. Compounds of trivalent iron or tetravalent manganese, use the backwash function of the manganese sand filter to achieve the purpose of removal and purification
  2. Quartz sand: The quartz sand filter is a pressure filter, using the refined quartz sand filter material filled in the filter, when the influent water flows through the filter layer from bottom to top, the suspended solids and viscose in the water The quality particles are removed, thereby reducing the turbidity of the water.
  3. Pack activated carbon: The main function is to remove macromolecular organic matter, iron oxides, and residual chlorine. This is because organic matter, residual chlorine, and iron oxides are likely to poison the ion exchange resin and damage the membrane structure, which is the failure of the reverse osmosis membrane.
  4. Resin loading: The function is to use the principle of ion exchange to remove scaled ions such as calcium and magnesium in the water. It is usually an integrated device composed of a controller, a resin tank, and a salt tank. The controller can be an automatic controller or a manual controller. The automatic controller can automatically complete the cyclic process of softening, backwashing, regeneration, normal washing and automatic water replenishment of the salt industry tank, while the manual controller needs to manually complete the above actions.
Pentair Fiberglass FRP Tank

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