RO series reverse osmosis water purifier VS traditional water distilled water machine has a higher desalination rate, RO DI can reach 99.9%; the water output is large, 5-15 times of the old water distilled machine; the power consumption is small, 1/20~1 of the distilled water machine /50; The amount of waste water is small, which reduces the waste of water resources; the cost is reduced, about 1/3~1/4 of the distilled water machine; the safety is good, no need for human care, no azeotrope; ready-to-use, flexible and convenient, no difference Sub-pollution; Ultra-pure water machine VS imported similar machines; all parts are imported; quality assurance, courteous service, and timely delivery; specially optimized design according to Chinese water sources, in line with national water quality standards

Low cost of use: pretreatment/ultra-pure integrated design, more convenient to use; long-term supply of consumables and spare parts, low price; all imported chassis, exquisite appearance, small appearance; fully satisfying utensil washing, reagent configuration, cell culture and spectral analysis, etc. Various needs.

high salt rejection and high recovery rate 75% pure water factory RO

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