The reverse osmosis pure water system is widely used, the main application areas are:

  • aseptic, pyrogen-free pure water for pharmaceutical industry
  • biomedical water
  • purified drinking water, natural water
  •  ultrapure water for electronics industry
  • boiler make-up water
  • cosmetic ingredients water, etc.

reverse osmosis pure water machine is a device that integrates microfiltration, adsorption, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, ultrapurification and other technologies to directly convert tap water into ultrapure water. The core element of reverse osmosis water purification unit is reverse osmosis (RO) membrane. Compared with bottled water, the purified water produced by the reverse osmosis pure water mechanism is fresher, more hygienic and safer, and it has a wide range of uses.

High Pure Water for Boiler Feeding

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