Working principle of iron and manganese filter

The main technical parameters

  • Filtration speed: 7-10m3/h (single layer), 10-12m3/h (double layer), the maximum does not exceed 15m3/h;
  • Influent turbidity: ≤15mg/L;
  • Water turbidity: ≤5mg/L;
  • Working temperature: normal temperature;
  • Working pressure: ≤0.6Mpa;
  • Backwash compressed air volume: 18-25L/m2.S;
  • Filter material layer height: 1000-1200mm;
  • Backwash strength: 15L/m2.S (single layer), 12L/m2.S (double layer);
  • Backwash time: 4-6 minutes.

Principio de funcionamiento

After the groundwater containing iron (manganese) is aerated or added with an oxidant, the iron (manganese) ions in the water begin to oxidize. When the water flows through the manganese sand filter layer, the contact oxidation reaction occurs in the filter layer and the biochemical and physical effects on the surface of the filter material Retaining and adsorbing, so that iron (manganese) ions in the water are precipitated and removed. Especially in the process of treating micro-polluted manganese-containing groundwater, iron bacteria can not only effectively remove iron and manganese, but also use ammonia as a nutrient source for new aging. With the participation of other bacteria, it can also achieve the effect of removing ammonia and nitrogen.

Flujo del proceso

  • When the local sewage contains only iron ions at a concentration of 5-10 mg/L, a series process of aeration device and iron removal filtration can be used. Due to the small size of the aeration device (similar to a pipe), the process is actually a single-stage process with manganese sand as the main body.
  • If the content of iron ions in the groundwater is high and contains manganese, that is, the iron content is greater than 10mg/L, and the manganese content is greater than 0.5mg/L, it is advisable to adopt the oxidizing device and the iron (manganese) removal series process.
  • If the quality of groundwater containing iron and manganese is complex, such as low pH, alkalinity, and high silicic acid content, in order to ensure the treatment effect, please provide a water quality inspection report or provide raw water samples to take corresponding measures according to different water quality .
  • The regulating water tank in the process is not only used as a mixed reaction tank for dissolving oxidation and raw water, but also as a water absorption regulating structure of the pressure pump. If the feed water pressure of the deep well pump can meet the requirements of the iron (manganese) removal device, it is not necessary to have a regulating pool and a booster pump.
  • Single-flow mechanical filtration equipment, which can remove iron, manganese and suspended solids in water, is mainly used for the pretreatment process of softening, desalination systems and industrial water supply. The filter material is refined quartz sand and manganese sand anthracite. The main materials of the equipment are carbon steel anti-corrosion, glass steel and stainless steel.
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