UV sterilizer for pool

Flow rate:6gpm
Water capacity:1360LPH
Chamber:stainless steel
Lamp life:9000hours
Electrical power:220V/50HZ
Inlet/Outlet:1/2″ BSP
Application:pure water, pool
Power:21w, 21w
Warranty:1 year
After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Free spare parts, Online support



1. Brief introduction of UV sterilizer for pool

UV sterilizer for pool for pure water 500LPH sterilization ultraviolet light sterilization equipment  for pool water swimming water disinfection. The lamp is 9000 hours. It is also widely used in water treatment. After RO treatment, the permeate water goes through the UV for disinfection and the water will be safe to drinking.

2. Parameter

Model Water flow rate inlet/outlet lamp model Power
PC-1 1GPM/226LPH 1/4″ T510 13W
PC-2 2GPM/450LPH 1/4″ T514 14W
PC-3 3GPM/680LPH 1/2″ T515 15W
PC-6 6GPM/1360LPH 1/2″ T521 21W
PC-8 8GPM/1810LPH 1/2″ T529 29W
PC-12 12GPM/2710LPH 3/4″ T540 40W

3. Application for UV Sterilizer water purifying

  • Drinking water disinfection,tap water,pure water
  • Food and beverage water,industrial process water
  • Swimming pool and spa,scenery water,irrigation water
  • Waster water disinfection
  • Cooling tower and Ro system

4. Dimension for UV Sterilizer water purifying

Model A B C D Inlet/Outlet
PC-1 158 57 83 268 1/4″BSP
PC-2 236 78 103 356 1/4″BSP
PC-3 260 78 108 376 1/2″BSP
PC-6 440 78 108 555 1/2″BSP
PC-8 585 78 108 705 1/2″BSP
PC-12 800 78 110 935 3/4″BSP


5. Assembly parts drawing


6. Maintenance suggestion UV Sterilizer water purifying:

To operate the sterilizer properly and attain its maximum efficiency that the user need to do some maintenance jobs as below:
Quartz sleeve cleaning or replacement

  • Quartz sleeve is to be cleaned every 3~6 months, clean with alcohol or detergent.
  • Quartz sleeve is to be replaced every 24 months.

UV lamp replacement is recommended every 8000~9000 hours of operation (approximately 12 months of continuous service)

  • Remove water proof strainer 1 and unscrew the nut 2.
  • Carefully withdraw lamp 4 approximately two inches from chamber7
  • While holding lam end 4 carefully remove lamp socket 3 on end now exposed.
  • Carefully withdraw lamp 4 from chamber7
  • Carefully remove O-ring5 from both end of quartz sleeve6
  • Carefully remove quartz sleeve

7. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

8. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

9. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

10. Finished projects:

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