The raw water: Lake water
Flow in water TDS: N/M
Temprature: 20℃
Production: 12 m³/h
Recovery rater: ≧90%
SS in UF production water: ≦1ppm
UF membrane: SVU-1060-C
Material for UF membrane:mPS
Quantities for UF membrane:20 pcs
Manufacturer of UF membrane: Canpure


1. Brief introduction of  Modified PVC UF system

Modified PVC UF system use the well water flow into raw water tank to adjust the capacity, and pump into carbon filter and multi-media filter to
retain the suspended matter, and carbon filter to retain chlorine, the water from the filter flow to UF system for purifying .

It is a purification, separation or concentration of semipermeable membrane in separation techniques for solution. After more than 20 years rapid development, it has become one of the widest techniques in separation field. It widely uses in food and beverage, chemical electron, biological construction for environmental protection, etc.

Ultra filtration membrane is used to remove suspended solids, colloids, microorganism, bacteria,virus and macro molecule organism from the raw water.It has good function of color removing, oil removing, turbidity removing, COD and BOD removing. UF technology can be adopted under condition of normal temperature and  low pressure with low energy consumption

This system use Canpure outside-in ultrafiltration membrane modules, the material for the membrane is PVDF, it can cleaned thoroughly by strong oxidant and is good at chemical resistance, mechanical strength and longer life time. This UF system is designed to treat well water with high suspended solids, microorganism, bacteria and virus. Each UF membrane have very good function to remove it. Ans the output water is for washing water supply.

2. Application of Modified PVC UF system

  1. Pure and ultrapure water equipment,
  2. No bacterium no heat raw water equipment for pharmacy,
  3. Purification for beverage, drinking water and mineral water,
  4. Separation, concentration and purification in industry
  5. Wastewater treatment, electrophoretic coating, electroplating, oil wastewater treatment, etc.

3. Features

  1. High precision. The bore diameter of UF membrane is 0.001~0.1m. Which can remove bacteria, colloids, rust and macromolecule organism effectively and ensure the output water quality stable with less COD,SS and SDI.
  2. Pro-long RO membrane cleaning peroid and life time by adopting UF as pre-treatment
  3. With universal wheels so easy to move.
  4. Compact frame with less space.
  5. Low work pressure, low operation cost.
  6. Easy and safe operation.
  7. Easy maintaining.

4. Function of each part

  1. Raw water tank: adjust the water capacity
  2. Raw water pump: pump 2 pcs, Rate of flow: 15m3/h, lift: 33m, the power of motor: 3kw
  3. Carbon filter: retain chlorine
  4. Multi-media filter: retain the suspended matter 5, Anti-scalant dosing system:to avoid the scaling on the surface of membrane
  5. Cartridge filter: filtrate the pollutants of larger than 5um
  6. UF system: apply to Aquacell membrane AQU200 10pcs, and detained molecular 100 000 delton
  7. Chemical cleaning system: UF system need to clean to make sure the stable performance after operating for a while
  8. Chemical dosing system: UF membrane need to backwashing with chemical dosing for sterilizering.

5.  Performance table of Modified PVC UF system

Pre-treatment50-150um precision filter
Max. feed turbidity≤15NTUWhen feed water turbidity is more than 15NTU,please add pre-treatment and precision filter.
Running methodCross flow/dead end flowDead end flow can be adopted when feed water turbidity less than5NTU. Otherwise, cross flow type is suggested.
Feed water pressure0.1~0.3MPa
Max. feed pressure0.5Mpa
20℃ transmembrane pressure(TMP)28-150Kpa
Max. transmembrane pressure0.2Mpa
Feed PH2~12
Max. residual chlorine100ppm

6. Specification for membrane

item         modelAQU200
Membrane materialPVC
fiber inlet/outlet diameter0.9mm/1.5mm
Detained molecular weight100,000dalton
Effective membrane surface28 m²
Permeate flux(L/H,0.12Mpa,25°C)6,400
capacity(L/H)60-160L/ m².H
Membrane housing materialABS
End cap materialEpoxy resin
Operation pressure0.1-0.3MPa
Max.feed water pressure0.5MPa
Max.membrane pressure difference0.2MPa
Feed water PH2-12
Operation temperature5℃-45℃
Permeate turbidity< 0.1NTU
Silt density index(SDI)< 1
Suspended solid,particle(>0.2µm)100% removed
Microbe、pathogen99.99% removed
Feed water quality requirementturbidity≤15NTU. (pretreatment should be added when the raw water is from ground, river and well. It is recommended to add precision filter, 100um at least in precision, to ensure the turbidity no more than 15NTU)

7. Technical route for Modified PVC UF system

Raw water was firstly pressurized by raw pump and then filled into sediment filter to remove the substances over 5um. Then feed into ultra filtration system for treatment, concentrate water was discharged or recovered, the permeate water feed into the UF tank. After operation for a while, the equipment should be chemical cleaned. Refer to the Appendix.

Flow chart UF

8. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

9. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

10. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

11. Finished projects:

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