fish pond disinfecton water

Flow rate:300gpm
Water capacity:30000LPH
Chamber:stainless steel
Lamp life:9000hours
Electrical power:220V/50HZ
Inlet/Outlet:3″ Flange
Application:pure water, pool
Power:360w, 360w
Warranty:1 year
After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Field installation, commissioning and training, Field maintenance and repair service, Free spare parts, Online support



1. Brief introduction of fish pond disinfecton water

Fish pond disinfecton water stainless steel shell UV lamp 254nm for water purification and disinfection cross flow type disinfection Ultraviolet UV light disinfection for water treatment plant water virus disinfection.

2. Model choosing

Model Flow rate Inlet/Outlet Length of quartz sleeve UV lamp model
EB-12 12GPM/2720LPH 1″BSP male thread 910mm T540(40W)
EB-15 15GPM/3400LPH 1″BSP male thread 910mm T565(65W)
EB-20 20GPM/4536LPH 1.5″BSP male thread 910mm T565(65W)
EB-24 24GPM/5443LPH 1.5″BSP male thread 910mm T585(85W)
EB-35 35GPM/7938LPH 2″BSP male thread 910mm T565(65W)
EB-45 45GPM/10200LPH 2″BSP male thread 910mm T585(85W)
EB-120 12000LPH 2″BSP male thread 910mm T565(65W)
EB-150 15000LPH 2″BSP male thread 910mm T585(85W)
EB-200 20000LPH 2″FLG 1205mm T5105(105W)
EB-250 25000LPH 2.5″FLG 1205mm T5105(105W)
EB-300 30000LPH 3″FLG 1205mm T5120(120W)
EB-350 35000LPH 3″FLG 1205mm T5105(105W)
EB-500 50000LPH 4″FLG 1205mm T5120(120W)

3. Sterilizaiton efficiency for fish pond disinfecton water


4. Parameter

  • Voltage: 100V~240V
  • Frequency: 50~60HZ
  • Alarm function: LED alarm/Dry contact
  • Protection: Overheating protection
  • Instant start

5. Assembly parts


6. Installation

Filtration should be applied before the UV Sterilizer system to provide high quality pretreated water for UV disinfection. Procedure for UV Sterilizer installation is as follow:

  1. Fix sterilizers on wall or bracket with assistance of aiding tools.
  2. Unloose and take off the screw caps on the both ends of Sterilizer chamber.
  3. Insert the quartz sleeve into sterilizer chamber carefully, and cover the O-ring on the end of the sleeve.
  4. Screw the screw caps on the chamber and tighten it. Note: Do not use force implement in order not to crack up the quartz glass sleeve.
  5. Repeat the step 3 and 4 to put all the sleeves into the chamber.
  6. Check all the junctions and open the tap to see if leaks happen.
  7. Please install flow rate control equipment if the water flow rate is too fast.
  8. Once it is determined that there are no leaks, connect the lamp with ballast, then the lamp into quartz sleeve, screw the waterproof of connector into the screw caps, and tighten it.
  9. Switch on the UV Sterilizer and inspect the controlling cabinet to judge whether all lamps works properly. Rewarning: Do never look at the UV Lamps with naked eyes when the UV Sterilizer is power on.

7. Importatant guideline for fish pond disinfecton water

  1. Total Metallic Iron—less than 0.3ppm(0.3mg/L)
  2. Hydrogen Sulphide—less than 0.05ppm(0.05mg/L)
  3. Suspending Solids—less than 10ppm(10mg/L)
  4. Manganese—less than 0.05ppm(0.05mg/L)
  5. Water Hardness—less than 1.84g/L*
  6. The UV unit will operate more efficiently if the total hardness is over 1.84gL

8. Details


9. Working proces of fish pond disinfecton water


10. Maintenance suggestion fish pond disinfecton water:

To operate the sterilizer properly and attain its maximum efficiency that the user need to do some maintenance jobs as below:
Quartz sleeve cleaning or replacement

  • Quartz sleeve is to be cleaned every 3~6 months, clean with alcohol or detergent.
  • Quartz sleeve is to be replaced every 24 months.

UV lamp replacement is recommended every 8000~9000 hours of operation (approximately 12 months of continuous service)

  • Remove water proof strainer 1 and unscrew the nut 2.
  • Carefully withdraw lamp 4 approximately two inches from chamber7
  • While holding lam end 4 carefully remove lamp socket 3 on end now exposed.
  • Carefully withdraw lamp 4 from chamber7
  • Carefully remove O-ring5 from both end of quartz sleeve6
  • Carefully remove quartz sleeve

11. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

12. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

13. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

14. Finished projects:

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