Technical Parameter:
Place of Origin: United States
Model Number:X030
Structure:Diaphragm Pump
Pressure:Low Pressure
Flow rate:4.72L/H
Stroke frequency:51stroke/min
Driving power:92w
Pump head material:San
Diaphragm and Valve Seats:Hypalon
Ball valve:Ceramic
Spare kit:KX100-AAAA



1. Brief introduction of diaphragm metering pump X030

Mechanical diaphragm metering pump Pulsafeeder 100-150 series specification Diaphragm metering pump X030. It is used as the dosing system for the RO or UF system. For adding anti-scalant, acid or alkali to ensure the system operation smoothly without damage. X030 is with flow rate of 4.72L/H at the pressure of 7abr. Stroke frequency of 51 stroke/min.

100 series metering pump for chemical dosing with flow rate from 0.47L/H to 15.77L/H. The max working pressure 7bar. The suitable model could be selected accordingly to below specification. Client select the right model as request for the dosage.

2. Technical parameter 

Model Stroke frequency Flow rate Max.pressure Connection Driving power Weight voltage
stroke/min L/H bar inch w KG V
X003 7 0.47 7 1/2″ male thread(with 1/4″ connection hose) 35 3.63 220V,single phase
X007 13 1.10 7 42
X015 25 2.36 7 70
X024 51 3.78 7 88
X030 51 4.72 7 92
X068 51 10.72 4.2 92
X100 70 15.77 4.2 160

3. Features of diaphragm metering pump X030

Easy installation and operation;
High precision, adjustable output;
Strong chemical corrosion resistance;
Economical and practical;
Metal reinforced diaphragm and long use life.


Reverse osmosis, Electrodialysis;
Circulating cooling water;
Water purification, waste water treatment;
Other small quantity liquid dosing.

5. Each parts material for diaphragm metering pump X030

Item Standard Material
Pump head San
Fittings material PVC
Diaphragm and Valve Seats Hypalon
Gaskets Teflon
Ball valve Ceramic
Discharge tubing PE
Suction tubing PVC
Spare kit KX100-AAAA

6. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 safety production licenseCE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

7. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

8. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

9. Finished projects:

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