Capacity: 250LPH
Feed water source: Borehole Water, Salt Water, Underground Water, Well Water.
Feed Water TDS: 5000ppm
Pre-treatment: Carbon Filter, Sand Filter, Water Softener
RO unit: Sediment filter, High pressure pump, RO membrane, Pressure gauge, Flow meter and Pipelines.
No. of 4″ RO membrane: 1pc
Permeate output quality:TDS≤60-100 ppm, WHO direct drinking standard.
Input temperature:4℃~45℃
Salt rejection: 99%
Recovery rate: 15%
Frame material: stainless steel
Power supply: 380V/220V/110V,50/60Hz, 2.2KW
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO9001


1. Brief introduction of Brackish Salty Water Treatment

Brackish water treatment plant for salty water desalination. Raw water TDS up to 5000ppm. Adopted with DOW brackish RO membrane and Grundfos high pressure pump.

B2K5 series are used to treat brackish water with TDS from 3000 to 5000ppm. The system adopted the world’s most advanced reverse osmosis technology. Different models are designed as per different feed water salt content and capacity. The quality of output water meets the AHO drinking water standard.

2. Features

  • Use DOW FILMETEC design software to calculate and simulate, providing the theory guideline for design.
  • We design different systems according to feed water quality and required capacity, the B2K series are applicable to the raw water with salt content 9000ppm-12000ppm.  If salt content is above 15000ppm pls choose SW series for seawater.
  • Water quality(TDS) monitor device to ensure stable output quality.
  • High salt rejection, service life longer than 3 years, low operation and maintenance cost.
  • PLC automatic control.
  • Unique fresh water automatic replacement device to replace concentrate in the membrane with fresh water when system stops to reduce membrane pollution, therefore prolong the service life and lower cost.
  • Carbon steel coated and stainless steel frame for choice, moving wheels can be installed for different installation situation.
  • Stainless steel and SCH80UPVC pipelines with high quality to ensure no leakage and low corrosion under high pressure.

3. Application for Brackish Salty Water Treatment

  • Daily drinking water for buildings, hotel rooms, factories, schools,  etc.
  • For mobile working organizations such as ocean voyages, drilling units, field exploration, tec.
  • Desalination of water used in production techniques.

4. Technical route and flow diagram instructions

The technical route is as following.

Raw tank–> sand filter–> carbon filter–> anti-scalant dosing system –> sediment filter–>high pressure pump–>RO desalination device–>CIP system–> permeate tank


5. Specification of Brackish Salty Water Treatment

ModelCapa.(L/H)Designed recoveryNo. Of 4” elementMembrane vessel spec.Operating pressure(bar)Driving motor(kw)

6. Operation parameter

Water sourceUnderground water
Raw water TDS<5000mg/l
Capacity (L/H)250
Designed salt rejection99.60%
Designed recovery rate15%
Product water TDS44mg/l
Operating pressure16.75bar
Raw water pumpCHL2-40
Pre-treatmentMulti-media filter+anti-scalant dosing system
High pressure pumpCR3-33
Pressure vesselSpec.4040A-450PSI, FRP
Main frame size (mm)1250×700×1500
Power supply380v,50hz,triphase(220/110v, 60hz, single phase for option)

7. Certification:

ISO9001-2019 11-CHIWATEC商标CE-certification of RO-water Filtration Drinking Plant

8. Comments from customers:

Comments From Customers

9. Package and transportation:

water Filtration Drinking Plant package and transportation

10. Finished projects:

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